Safety Precautions To Use A Propane Torch Indoors

Many artisans and craftspeople use a propane torch to create their artworks. Although it is best to conduct these activities outdoors, it is not always practical to do so. If you must use a propane torch indoors, be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for installation, maintenance, safety, and repair. Here are some safety tips to follow if you are using a propane torch indoors:   

Secure Propane Tank - Securely fasten your propane tank to a nearby wall or the table leg of your work bench. Use at least two heavy-duty webbing straps wrapped around the top and bottom portion of the tank to secure the tank. These straps can be used with quick release buckles for ease when refilling or replacing the tank. 

Ventilation - Install your propane gas tank in a well-ventilated room near a window. Always use the propane torch with the window at least partially open to vent fumes and allow the entry of fresh air. 

Propane Gas Detector - Install a propane gas detector near your torch setup to alert you to any gas leaks from the propane tank. These detectors are very economical and range in price from $20 to $100 each. Familiarize yourself with the alert sounds and indicators of your propane gas detector and never use when gas is detected. 

Propane Smell Test - Never use a propane torch if you smell propane gas. Propane gas smells like rotten eggs and will alert you to hazardous leaks. If you smell propane gas, immediately turn off the torch and the propane gas tank valve. Turn off all other appliances such as lights, cell phones, and telephones. Immediately leave the building and call your local fire department to report the leak and have your residence, propane tank, and work area cleared for safety.  

Tank Refill Or Replacement -  Refill or replace the propane tank as directed by the manufacturer's warranty, usually a period of one year. If you run out of propane during that time, have it refilled by a qualified propane retailer.  

Tank Inspection - Have your propane tank and torch setup inspected annually by a qualified service technician. It is also a good idea to have your tank inspected when it is installed. 

Home Insurance - Check with your insurance company to make sure that you are complying with rules and regulations of your home insurance policy and submit all signed inspection papers as required. 

Propane is a safe and clean-burning fuel when properly installed and used. You must read, understand, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to safely use a propane tank. When used properly, you can have years of safety and service from a properly maintained propane gas tank. Contact a propane tank provider, such as Northwest Propane LLC, for more information about purchasing and safely using propane.