Four Summertime Uses For Propane That You May Not Know About And Should Not Live Without

Propane is an energy source that can be used for heating your home. It can also be used for several other purposes, some of which fuel some of your favorite summertime activities. If you are unaware of how you can use propane for summertime fun, here are four warm-weather uses for it that you should not live without.

Heating Your Pool or Jacuzzi

Even under the hot summer sun, the coldness of your pool can be a little shocking to the system. The addition of a pool heater that runs on propane can make your pool a constant seventy degrees all year long without using too much fuel to do it. If you also have a Jacuzzi, you can heat the Jacuzzi with propane too. Then you can go for night swims in the pool, or sit in your Jacuzzi on cooler nights.

Lighting Your Camp

When you go camping, you could use fire to light the camp and fire to light your lanterns that you carry about at night. However, a better, cleaner-burning option that is quickly exterminated and will not set the woods on fire by accident is propane. Propane generators can turn on electric lights and keep them going without creating a lot of toxic fumes. Propane also fuels camping lanterns, a veritable necessity if you need to use the outhouse or porta-potty in the middle of the night.

Smoking Your Meats before You Grill

While you may know that you can use propane to grill your food, you probably do not know that you can use propane to smoke your meats before you grill them. A smoker uses propane in place of electricity to start and keep the smoker going. You could even set the smoker next to the gas grill and then when the meats are sufficiently smoked you could move them right to the grill for cooking.

Creating Ice and Keeping Drinks Cool

Skip the electricity this summer, and all year long, when you use propane to create ice and chill drinks. Propane-powered refrigerators run on a less-expensive source of energy but still manage to keep things cold and freeze water in ice cube trays like an electrically-powered refrigerator. If you would rather keep your regular refrigerator in the house, then you could put the propane-powered refrigerator in the garage or outside patio to keep drinks and ice at the ready for when company stops by out of the blue.

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