What Are The Benefits Of Driving A Diesel Fueled Vehicle

At one time, diesel engines were mainly installed in large trucks, farm equipment, and heavy machinery. Now, they are seen commonly in passenger vehicles as well. This means that diesel fuel is used to run many of the automobiles you see on the road today. While many people still prefer automobiles that are fueled by gasoline, diesel fueled vehicles are quickly becoming just as popular. These are some of the benefits of driving a diesel fueled vehicle. 

Fuel Economy

One of the main reasons that diesel powered vehicles are becoming more popular is that diesel fuel gets more miles to the gallon than gasoline. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient and the fuel alone has up to 15% more energy than standard gasoline. This means you can drive further on a tank of diesel fuel and therefore will be spending less time and money at the pumps.

Less Air Pollution 

Diesel cars produce less emissions into the air. This is because diesel fuel is burned by excess air that is produced in the engine. By keeping a diesel engine properly maintained and changing your air filters as recommended, diesel powered vehicles are substantially cleaner for the environment. 

Less Expensive Road Taxes  

One factor that determines the cost of taxes on a vehicle is how much it produces harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Since diesel vehicles produce very little air pollution, the taxes on these vehicles are less expensive than those on gasoline powered vehicles.

Easier Maintenance 

Diesel fueled vehicles are also easy to maintain and have a long lifespan. This is due to the fact that diesel engines do not have an electronic fuel ignition system. Diesel fuel is lighted by compressed air instead of an electronic spark like a gasoline powered vehicle.

Therefore, without the electronic ignition system, there are fewer parts that need to be repaired. This means there are no electrical failures in a diesel automobile which results in less expensive repairs that are needed less frequently.

Less Fire Hazards 

If a diesel fueled car is in an accident, it is less likely to catch fire. This is because the fuel ignites by only hot compressed air instead of a spark. This can also result in cheaper insurance costs due to the fact that a diesel vehicle will not likely be in an accident that involves a fire.

By owning a diesel powered vehicle, you may also see the benefits when you file your income taxes. The United States government gives tax credits to those who purchase a clean diesel fuel powered vehicle. The amount of the credit depends on at what time during the previous year that you purchased the vehicle.